Audio Enhancement Services In Forensics

Improving Audio’s Clarity: Audio Enhancement Services In Forensics

When presenting evidence of the crime, audio is one of the strong pieces to provide during the court hearings. In forensics, audio is a strong record that is formally offered as pieces of evidence.

Audio enhancement services

Forensic Audio Enhancement is the improvement of audio clarity and scientific analysis to improve intelligibility. The term enhancement is used, not to make it more good audio with amazing sound and background, but, it is the process of filtering unwanted sounds to leave a more understandable and clear version. It is not editing the audio to add confusion but to make it a clear sound for the benefit of the listeners. Audio enhancement in forensics refers to the process of improving the following three elements:

  • Quality
  • Clarity
  • Intelligibility of audio signals

Are audio forensics important?

Audio forensics is related to the analysis, acquisition, and evaluation of the sound recordings presented as admissible evidence in court or some other official venue. Yes, many court hearings have been using the presentation of audio as proof of evidence to defend a client or to sue a person guilty of the said event. However, most clients lose their cases because the sole evidence is the audio presented, but unclear to prove the misdoings of anyone who did it.

Like digital forensics, audio forensics deals with the sound recordings, such as:

  • Identifying
  • Acquiring
  • Analyzing
  • Preserving
  • Evaluating

Sound recordings will provide crucial evidence in criminal or fraudulent activity in a court of law. Carried out by audio forensic experts, it helps law enforcement officials solve cases and even help with private or public investigations. The objective of audio forensics involves establishing audio evidence authenticity through the following:

Increasing audibility of low-level sounds

Interpretation of essential conversations

For anything that aids in providing useful information about the accidents or crime scene, audio forensics plays an important role.

There are some types of audio forensic investigations, namely:

  • Authenticity. It is the process of determining the authenticity of the pieces of media. The chain of custody is authenticated by the forensic expert using the software for the validation of whether a file is original.
  • Enhancement. When the audio’s quality is somehow compromised, it is necessary to submit it to the audio forensic experts to enhance it. The quality of the audio might have loud external noise overlapping, but the audio forensic expert reduces the necessary noise, bringing the essential part of the conversation to the forefront.
  • Interpretation. Similar to the enhancement and authenticity, the audio recordings are given to the audio forensic expert for the evaluation of whether the contents are relevant to the case.

To carry out the process, modern equipment is used; this job requires adaptive filtering skills and techniques.

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