Car Shipping Expectations In Winter

DIY shipping vehicle in winter is not wise. Winter is connected with low temp, snow, and slippery roads. Pure driving for miles or 12 to 15 hours is stressful. Fortunately, hiring a professional transportation company relieves you from stress, especially for those relocating or migrating to another state or region.

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Why choose winter for car transport?

Best car shows are hosted in cold months and attendees who buy the car after the show need to ship it in this tricky weather. Besides, there are several reasons to move a car in these untypical months. It can be job-related or personal like moving to a warm region to avoid the colder winters.

Demand influences the shipping cost

For example, in winter seniors and retirees migrate from northern states of the US to the south every year and are called snowbirds. At this time, if you go south then expect the transportation cost to be high and in opposite direction, the price is much better.

Between March & May, the snowbirds return home, which increases the demand for car transport on south-north routes. At this time, if you go north then expect the transportation cost to be high and in opposite direction, the price is much better.

Shipment planning in advance

The demand for car shipping differs in the winter months.

  • In January’s first week, the cars waiting to be shipped doubled because of the snow during Christmas week. Carriers heading to warm regions fill up with ease, so there can be shipment delays in the opposite directions. In the second week, the high-priced vehicles are transported first and a few days later the mid-range cars are on the way. Really inexpensive stuff has to wait and if there is a couple of winter blizzards things get wild.
  • In Feb & March, the waiting list is subnormal and vehicle transport is easy. The only caveat is that states encountering extreme weather [below 20°F] or hit by snow blizzard can trigger a delay.

The costs are lower than average in Dec, Feb, and March but expect high costs in January. Experts recommend booking at a little more costly because you will be competing with transport truck space and a $50 extra can make a huge difference.

Expect other challenges

Even if found a reliable carrier for car transport in winter, the road conditions can throw a wrench. Delivery dates are never assured but you can negotiate some delivery dates to expect the car arrives at your end destination. Be flexible about delivery dates!

Road conditions are a challenge and sometimes even make it impossible for the carrier to reach a specific location hurriedly. Snowstorms can cause roadblocks making it impossible to access certain country areas.

Even consider the exposure to outdoor elements because it can damage your car transported in an open carrier. Therefore, choose an enclosed car transport truck but it will cost high.

Ensure to choose a transport company compliant with the FMCSA regulations!

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