How to perform entertainment tasks with the help of AI?

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The meaning of artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is just software code that is designed to perform certain practical tasks. This code is also called a neural network (NN). Moreover, this code is not very complicated in terms of programming, but it requires a) powerful computing resources (and, accordingly, energy consumption) and b) huge amounts of data, which are called Big Data.

A closer look at the world of neural networks

This type of software, accessing many thousands of clusters, is a powerful tool for identifying and solving complex problems. When solving a problem, the neural network strives to optimize the use of resources aimed at achieving the fastest and most accurate result. In its structure, this system resembles the human brain, where neurons and synapses are comparable to neural network clusters.

One of the standout differences from traditional programs is the learning opportunity. Unlike classical programs, which only follow predetermined algorithms, neural networks are able to learn by taking into account new data and evolving over time. Thus, they provide a unique ability not only to complete tasks but also to actively innovate the problem-solving process.

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