Impact Doors Versus Standard Doors: Which Is Worthy To Buy?

Doors are the entrance area of the house. It could be the main door as the entrance door, while others have emergency or exit doors. These doors are the entrances and exits of the house, where it secures the family to stay safe and have their privacy at most. However, with many types of doors available, it could be a challenge for a homeowner to choose a good one: standard doors or impact doors miami.

To have a clear description and details of these two kinds of doors, you can continue to read below to see which one is best and worthy to buy for your home.

Impact doors

Impact doors are designed to be durable and hold strong against natural occurrences, like weather hazards and severe winds. Impact doors stay secure and tight, ensuring the home stays uncompromised when the weather is dangerous. These doors have better protective capability.

An impact door may be new to your knowledge, but to some parts of Florida, it is a top-rated type of door. The protective features of impact doors made them a top choice among homeowners and even commercial buildings. These doors can withstand the force of hurricane winds, including flying debris.

High-Velocity Hurricane Zone Test evaluates every impact door manufactured before it is released in the market. It is to ensure that the impact door works its function without failure. 24 category 4 hurricanes happened in Florida 20 years ago, and the impact doors sustained wind speeds of up to mph. The natural disaster had caused catastrophic damage, making the impact doors in demand compared to the standard doors.

Although the price difference between these two doors, impact doors and standard doors, are far from the gap, many still choose to have security over affordability.

Standard doors

These doors are bested by intermediate hurricane winds. Standard doors are constructed from different kinds of materials, such as:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • PVC
  • A combination of more materials

During ordinary weather conditions, standard doors are sufficient to perform the intended job; security and aesthetic appeal.

If you are living in any part of where prone to hurricanes, it is best to have impact doors as these are designed for the said natural occurrence. Hurricanes are unavoidable, which means you don’t need to be surprised if this happens. If the state where you are living experiences a hurricane, then it is worth having impact doors installed instead of an ordinary or standard door.


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