Brief Discussion on the Different Panel Beating Techniques 

Panel beating is a highly skilled craft that involves a range of techniques to repair and restore damaged vehicle panels. Professional panel beater moorabbin employs various methods to reshape, repair, and refinish panels, ensuring that the vehicle returns to its pre-accident condition. 

Here are some key panel beating techniques commonly used in the industry. 


It is a fundamental technique in panel beating, involving the reshaping and forming of metal panels. Skilled panel beaters use tools such as hammers and dollies to manipulate the metal and remove dents, creases, or other deformities. This technique requires a keen understanding of metal properties and the ability to apply controlled force to achieve precise results. 


It is employed to repair panels that have suffered structural damage, including cracks or fractures. Skilled welders use welding equipment to fuse metal pieces together seamlessly. This technique is crucial for reinforcing the integrity of the vehicle’s structure and ensuring that the repaired panels are structurally sound. 

Filling and Shaping 

For panels with more extensive damage, filling compounds, such as body filler or putty, are applied to the damaged area to fill in gaps and create a smooth surface. Once applied, the panel beater shapes and contours the filler to match the vehicle’s original lines, achieving a seamless repair. 


It is a technique used to smooth out the surface of metal panels, particularly after metalworking or welding. Panel beaters use planishing hammers or pneumatic tools to apply controlled blows to the metal, eliminating any imperfections and creating a uniform finish. 

English Wheeling 

The English wheel is a specialized tool used in panel beating to shape and form metal panels, particularly for curved surfaces. It involves passing the metal through the wheel while adjusting the pressure, allowing the panel beater to gradually shape the metal into the desired contour. 

Hammer and Dolly Techniques 

Panel beaters strategically place the dolly (a flat, anvil-like tool) on the backside of the damaged area and use hammers to shape the metal from the front. This method allows for precise control over the reshaping process. 

Pulling and Straightening 

This involves using specialized tools, such as a hydraulic puller or frame straightener, to exert controlled force on the damaged area. Pulling and straightening are crucial for restoring the overall structural integrity of the vehicle. 

Sanding and Grinding 

After repairs are completed, panel beaters use sandpaper and grinders to smooth the surface, remove imperfections, and create a suitable foundation for the application of primer and paint. 

Final thoughts 

Panel beating involves a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Skilled panel beaters leverage these techniques to repair and restore vehicle panels, showcasing their expertise in reshaping metal, welding, and achieving a flawless finish. 


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