Paws and relaxation- Exploring the benefits of CBD oil for cats

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of over 100 active compounds derived from cannabis plants like hemp. Unlike its well-known cousin THC, the psychoactive element in marijuana, CBD will not get your cat “stoned.” Instead, CBD interacts with a mammalian endocannabinoid system involved in regulating physiological processes related to health and homeostasis.  

By supplementing deficient endocannabinoid levels, early research indicates CBD can safely promote better balance in the immune system, inflammation response, appetite, gastrointestinal activity, mood disorders, pain perception, seizures, skin irritation, and more – all issues impacting cat health and wellness. The existing studies focused specifically on feline applications also showcase encouraging results. As formal research continues, the overwhelming anecdotal evidence from caring cat owners highlighting CBD’s healing potential already paints a promising picture for our furry four-legged therapists.

Joint support for feline mobility 

The most common age-related problems for senior cats are the development of arthritis and joint discomfort. cbd oil for cats may provide multi-pronged relief by dulling pain perception, reducing related inflammation, and restoring balance in stress-response systems tied to chronic pain. This paves the way for improved mobility and activity levels. If stiff, swollen joints make it difficult for Kitty to comfortably jump up on her favorite sunny windowsill, CBD could help whisk away that enduring pain to rediscover lost manoeuvrability. Try massaging a few CBD oil drops into affected areas to penetrate deep into sore spots for maximum effectiveness. Within weeks you may spot a frisky feline racing around with renewed vim and vigour.

Calming anxious moods and behaviors

While a playful kitten dashing wildly about the house is entertaining, anxiety in cats should not be taken lightly. If untreated, anxious cats often develop other issues like inappropriate urination/defecation, aggression, reclusiveness, compulsive behaviors, and more. By interacting with receptors involved in regulating stress responses and neurotransmitter levels, CBD melts away an unstable cat’s worries and instils a sense of calm. Something as simple as a few CBD oil drops mixed into their food may noticeably dial down the nervous energy without sedation. Over time, less anxiety paves the way for a happier existence.

Anti-seizure properties  

They are seizure disorders that are not uncommon for cats to develop. Typically they manifest between the ages of 1-7 years, leaving owners feeling helpless when attempting to comfort a beloved companion writhing uncontrollably on the floor. The causes are varied – from genetic factors to structural brain damage – but despite anti-seizure medications, symptoms often persist disturbingly.  Exciting evidence surrounding CBD reveals its potential to reduce both the severity and frequency of seizure episodes and convulsive fits. By supplementing endocannabinoid deficiency and inhibiting the excessive firing of neurons, CBD may succeed where other treatments fail. Talk to your vet about making medical CBD oil a staple for any known or suspected seizure conditions.  

Cancer comfort 

Few things are harder for caring cat owners than receiving a devastating cancer diagnosis for their snuggly sidekick. While seeking full remission is a primary goal when possible, maintaining quality of life through careful symptom management is equally important.  Research confirms cannabinoids like CBD encourage apoptosis (programmed cancer cell death), inhibit dangerous tumour blood vessel formation, and block cancer cell proliferation and migration throughout the body. This anti-cancer activity incorporates synergistically with certain chemotherapy agents as well.  

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