Pros and Cons of Fabrication Technology

The perfect solution for an enhanced manufacturing process and a higher level of marketability is investing in fabrication technology. 

Some widely used fabrication technologies are laser cutting, laser etching, and 3D printing in Perth. These technologies help businesses ensure efficiency, productivity, precision, and flexibility. However, fabrication has drawbacks, such as pricey machines and health and safety risks.

Continue reading as we explore the pros and cons of using fabrication technology for your business.

Advantages of Using Fabrication Technology

Precise and Accurate

You can assure quality and consistency in production when you employ highly advanced and expertly programmed machinery. Fabrication technology allows businesses to stay compliant and meet internally set standards and specifications, leaving little room for errors and inconsistencies.

Some world-class companies provide fabrication technology like laser-cutting, 3D printing, and CNC routing services in Perth, promising precision and accuracy.

Good Long-Term Investment

Investing in fabrication machines will help your enterprise scale production and attain economies of scale. Eventually, this will result in lower production costs as business operations adopt the technological advances and become efficient. Moreover, minimal material wastage and efficient usage of expensive materials optimise expenditures.

Speeds and Scales Up Production

As fabrication machines make your production more efficient, it will speed up the manufacturing process and result in faster completion of projects. The enterprise’s output will substantially increase and raise revenue with increased productivity. Fruitful production will help your business have an optimised schedule, time, and performance.

Disadvantages of Using Fabrication Technology

Expensive Upfront Costs

Fabrication technology may be a good investment, but it can be costly. Pieces of machinery like lasers, 3D printers, waterjet, plasma, and computer numerical control (CNC) require large amounts of money. Although it is an excellent long-term investment, the initial cost is still expensive.

Requires Operators and Technicians

Employing new technology in your production requires the expertise and skills of specialists and technicians to calibrate and set all the equipment into the appropriate settings. Additionally, these machines will require periodic maintenance, which will incur additional costs.

Health and Safety Hazards

Working with a wide range of materials in fabrication can pose a risk to an individual’s health. For example, laser-cutting machines melt materials like plastic and will emit hazardous fumes and gases. However, one solution is building an effective and excellent ventilation system for a safe workplace.


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