Reasons to buy delta 10 gummies instead of smoking

Delta 10 gummies have become an increasingly popular alternative to smoking cannabis for those seeking the mellow effects of THC without the high intensity of delta 9 THC found in marijuana. 

Delta 10 provides a milder high

While delta 9 provides an intense, sometimes overwhelming high, delta 10 provides a much milder euphoric effect by binding less efficiently to CB1 receptors in the brain. This makes Delta 10 gummies appealing for those who want a more relaxed and functional high. The effects come on slower and usually last 4-6 hours. Carrying around cannabis buds or a smoking apparatus isn’t always convenient or stealthy. Delta 10 gummies come in discrete packages, similar to candy or vitamins. You keep a pack in your pocket, bag, or desk drawer and consume them discreetly as needed. Being able to medicate on the go is a major plus for many users.

No smoke inhalation 

Smoking cannabis, whether as joints, bowls, or bongs, involves inhaling burnt plant material. This irritates the lungs and airways and poses some health risks from carcinogens. It also leads to the distinct, clinging smell of marijuana smoke in your clothes, hair, and home. With edible delta 10 gummies there is no smoke and no smell, providing a more discreet experience. While smoking cannabis provides near-instant effects, these effects fade fairly quickly as the THC is metabolized. With delta 10 edibles, the gummies must be digested and processed by the liver before entering the bloodstream, so effects take 30-60 mins to onset. However, the effects typically last for 4-6 hours since the THC is released into the system gradually over time. For longer relief, gummies are ideal.

Consistent dosing 

With edible Delta 10 gummies, you know exactly how much THC you are getting from each gummy. This makes dosing very consistent and predictable. With smoking, THC levels vary from strain to strain, or even bowl to bowl. For those seeking a particular level of elevated effects, gummies provide consistently measured dosing. Start low with 5-10 mg and increase dosage slowly as needed. Smoking anything involves inhaling hot particulate matter into the lungs, which causes respiratory irritation and potential health issues. Vaporizers reduce this risk but don’t eliminate it. With THC gummies there is no smoking, vaping, or lung irritation involved. This makes delta 10 gummies a safer choice for regular, daily use from a respiratory health perspective.

Potential entourage effect benefits

While delta-10 gummies contain isolated delta-10 THC, full-spectrum gummies also contain a range of other cannabis compounds like CBC, CBN, CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids. This allows users to get the “entourage effect” where all compounds work synergistically to potentially heighten and enrich the overall effects. When cannabis is smoked, some THC and other compounds are lost in sidestream smoke or heating inefficiency. Edible THC gummies have higher bioavailability, meaning more of the active compound makes it into your system. Many users report better effects from the same dose of THC in gummy vs. smoked form due to more efficient absorption and use by the body. 


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