What Exercises can you do on a Power Guidance Abs Exercise Mat? 

Without access to gym equipment, are you looking to increase your strength or keep up with your weight training? No need to freak out! You’ll be happy to learn that all you need for a whole-body exercise is a mat and some kettlebells or dumbbells.

In reality, the following six at-home routines or exercises for building strength require nothing more than a POWER GUIDANCE Ab Exercise Mat – Sit Up Pad


The best workout for strengthening the core and the upper body could simply be this one. Pushups, when performed correctly, are a complex exercise that works the back, triceps, chest, shoulders, stomach, as well as legs. The best feature is the way it can be modified in many different ways, allowing beginners to start with simpler variations and progress to the traditional pushup. 

Quarter-squat lateral raise 

This activity aims to burn calories and fat while boosting general strength. It stimulates the primary groups of muscles in your back, chest, arms, buttocks, and thighs, so your body needs more energy to regulate movement and supply oxygen to the muscles at work. 

Rebellious rows

This very easy workout encourages you to develop your stability and core muscles in addition to your back muscles. Keeping a strong core is essential to the rogue row workout. 

Thruster squat with a kettlebell

The kettlebell lunge squat is a substantial workout that works all those big muscles, which in turn triggers a stronger hormonal reaction and metabolic impact for weight reduction and muscular growth. This exercise assists with developing movement, mobility, and stability patterning since squatting is one of our basic movement patterns.

It is possible to perform this without or with weight, much as the previous squat exercise. 


It is a vintage classic. Your core muscles are used in this workout to increase your endurance, balance, and strength. It is called after a plank of wood because, if done correctly, your complete body straightens and retains its rigidity. Planking is an easy way to build strength anyplace because it doesn’t require any additional tools or weights. 

Additionally, it’s one of the best methods for easing back discomfort, which is frequently brought on by an unstable core. 


To prevent damage, ensure you examine how to perform the exercises beforehand and maintain proper form. To ensure you’re exercising appropriately if you have any pain, go to a physical therapist or, if it’s uncomfortable, your doctor. However, before you begin, do not forget to warm up and stretch properly. 


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