Five Additional Pool Services Offered by Jackson, MS Pool Builders

After installation, your pool needs maintenance, improvements, and specialist services to stay immaculate and fun. Jackson, MS pool builders offer several services after construction. Jackson pool builders offer five additional services to enhance your pool investment’s enjoyment and longevity.

Pool Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance is crucial for maintaining clear, balanced, and safe pool water for swimming. Because of this, many Jackson, MS pool builders offer comprehensive maintenance programs to simplify pool management.

Included Services:

  • Regular pool cleaning and skimming.
  • Test and balance water chemistry.
  • Inspection and maintenance of pool pumps, filters, and heaters.
  • Backwashing and vacuuming as needed.
  • Pool opens and closes seasonally.

Joining a maintenance program guarantees your pool is always in top shape. You may enjoy your pool without worrying about pool maintenance because it saves you time, effort, and frustration.

Remodelling a Pool

Upgrading the look and functionality of your pool may be necessary due to changing preferences or wear and tear. Jackson pool builders renovate and remodel pools to revitalize them.

Available Services

  • Resurfacing pools with contemporary materials.
  • Installing waterfalls, fountains, or spill over spas.
  • Installing energy-efficient pool automation and equipment.
  • Pool and landscaping improvements.
  • Pool shape or size changes to suit desires.

Benefits of pool refurbishment include modernization, energy efficiency enhancement, and new design components without a full reconstruction. You can update your pool to current trends and technologies.

Leak Detection or Repair

Maintaining Pool Structural Integrity: Unidentified leaks can cause water loss, damage, and higher water costs. Jackson, MS pool builders offer leak detection and repair to protect your pool’s structure.

Included Services

  • Complete leak detection and inspection with sophisticated equipment.
  • Leak repair in pool plumbing, pipes, or shell.
  • Find hidden leaks with pressure testing.
  • Leak-causing pool surface repairs.
  • Sealing pool fittings and joints.

Efficient leak detection and repair reduce water loss, structural damage, and enhance pool sustainability. It also prevents long-term damage repair expenses from rising.

Installing Pool Decks and Patios

Jackson pool builders specialize in building coherent outdoor settings by installing pool decks and patios in addition to pools. Enhancing your pool area makes your outside space more functional and attractive.

Available Services

  • Pool deck installation using concrete, pavers, or natural stone.
  • Custom patio and lounging design and construction.
  • Installation of outdoor kitchens, fire pits, or seats.
  • Enhancing ambiance using lights and landscaping.
  • Ramps and steps for accessibility.

A well-designed pool deck and patio enhance outdoor space for leisure, enjoyment, and socializing. It enhances your backyard’s appearance and functionality by seamlessly integrating the pool and surroundings.

Upgraded Safety Features

Prioritizing Pool Safety: Jackson, MS pool builders prioritize safety by providing enhancements and features. These services improve pool security, especially for families with children or pets.

Included Services:

  • Pool safety fencing.
  • Upgrade pool lighting for visibility.
  • Safety covers for pools and hot tubs.
  • Pool alarm and monitoring installation.
  • Adding pool-side non-slip surfaces.

Pool owners have peace of mind and comply with rules by installing safety features. It prevents accidents and lets everyone enjoy the pool safely.


After construction, Jackson, MS pool builders offer a variety of services to enhance your pool experience. These additional services meet pool owners’ changing needs, from maintenance plans to remodelling services. Jackson pool builders may help you add safety measures, enhance your pool surroundings, or fix leaks after construction, ensuring your pool is a source of fun for years.

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