Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks for Your Small Funny Video Apps with Hipi

Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks for Your Small Funny Video Apps with Hipi

To succeed in the dynamic world of short Funny video apps, one must stand out. Hipi is one such platform that’s gaining popularity since it gives users a blank canvas to express their ideas. To make sure your content stands out in the crowded digital arena, we’ll look at ten tips and methods in this blog. This will help you use the Hipi app to improve your short videos.

10 tips and tricks for your small funny video apps

Find your Niche and post your videos frequently

Finding your speciality in the wide world of Reels and sticking to a regular publishing schedule are guaranteed ways to become viral. Every individual has a niche among the varied user base that spans endless interests and hobbies. Customizing your content for a certain audience makes sure that your reels connect, encouraging interaction and possibly launching your company into the viral spotlight.

Create creative original content

Coming up with totally original ideas on Reels can be intimidating when there is such a large pool of creators. But there’s no need to start from scratch. Put your best effort into creating informational or amusing content, then add your unique spin to it. You may give old ideas new life and make them into interesting, captivating works of art by incorporating your viewpoint. It’s the skill of adding your touch to the well-known to differentiate your work from the countless everyday uploads.

Include on-screen text and closed captions

With 85% of video views happening silently, adding on-screen text and subtitles is crucial to increasing user engagement. Subtitles are incredibly helpful for folks who have hearing difficulties in addition to being accommodating to those who watch quietly. The audio transcription may take some time; however, editing is essential to guarantee accuracy. Putting closed captions in the center of the screen for all of your app’s content will maximize their visibility and impact.

Avoid Watermarks in your videos

Reels that are modified from other applications are given less priority by Hipi algorithm, which makes them less visible on the Explore Page and Reels tab. Even if you’re utilizing the same raw footage, it’s preferable to publish content directly on Hipi and Instagram to increase visibility. With third-party programs, you can choose to remove watermarks, but do with caution as they might affect the quality of your videos. Optimal reach and engagement on both platforms are ensured by striking a balance between creating content specifically for each channel and upholding quality standards.

Drive traffic by encouraging viewers to head to your link in Bio

To get the most out of Reels, make sure your call-to-action (CTA) is eye-catching and encourages users to click on your link in the bio. Put writing on the screen in strategic places, make a vocal call-out in your video, and emphasize the point in your caption. This multi-pronged strategy guarantees compelling and unambiguous instruction, raising the possibility that your viewers will follow through on the intended action and click on your link in the bio, directing traffic to your preferred location.

Hop on trends fast

Take some time every morning to peruse the Reels page and the profiles of other creators to stay ahead of the curve on Reels. Identify reoccurring components, such as a well-liked song, audio clip, or dance craze. Tap the song to see how well-liked it is and see videos that use the soundtrack. By taking the initiative to keep updated about new trends, you can stay relevant in the ever-changing world of Reels and incorporate them into your content with ease.

Share your small funny videos on your feed

By posting your Reels straight to your feed, you can increase their visibility and potential for going viral. This calculated action guarantees that more people in your neighbourhood will see your material. Choosing direct sharing increases, the possibility that people may notice and share your reels, which in turn leads to more views and interaction. This easy-to-use yet efficient method increases your content’s discoverability and increases the likelihood that your followers will see it.

Provide value and share educational content

Despite the common idea that Reels are only for dance trends, more and more content creators are becoming viral by posting educational content. In addition to offering your audience a useful service, creating instructional content positions you as an authority on the subject. Expand the scope of your content strategy by sharing your expertise and insights to draw in more readers and establish yourself as the authority in your industry for important information.

Include 3 to 5 hashtags in your caption

Adding three to five hashtags to your post can assist the algorithm “understand” it and showcase it to those who will find it interesting.

For instance, the Reels algorithm will recognize that your material is about food if you use hashtags like #easyrecipes, #mealideas, and #dinnerinspiration. This could boost the chance that users who are actively engaging with comparable content will see your content.

Use music from the apps for making reels or create your own audio

One of the best strategies for increasing the number of people who see your reel is to incorporate music from the music library or make your own unique audio. It can be difficult to find the perfect soundtrack for your video, but fortunately offers a sizable selection of music. You can use the search bar to locate a specific song or explore music that has been specially chosen for you, trending tracks, and genres.


With the funny video app market constantly changing, Hipi provides a dynamic platform where creators may display their comic skills. These ten pointers can help you improve your content, interact with your audience, and establish your unique voice in the world of digital humour. Discover your own voice, make use of the app’s capabilities, and enjoy the amusement as you explore Hipi’s fascinating selection of short, funny videos.

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