What’s Health Insurance what’s Disease?

Numerous definitions with no. of articles, high rate of growth and development of pharma companies, growing profits of MNC’s, improving transportation system for drugs and medicines supply, world best authors have penned their views at healthcare and disease but is this fact enough for delivering health to patient.

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The old saying both terms varies based on healing system of medicine

In actual exactly what is a real idea of health?

Based on WHO, “Health could be a condition of complete physical, mental and social wellness as opposed to just having less disease or infirmity.”

Based on Charaka Samhita, “Health is called Happiness and Disease is called Unhappiness.”

What definition is adopted by doctors in daily existence? That’s big handful of concern.

The quantity of doctors treat patients based on this definition? No data available. One factor is unquestionably, some factor isn’t inside our wellbeing delivery system.

WHO’s health definition clarifies almost all aspect about wellbeing condition.

However , if somebody visits get treatment, what he’ll get. If he relates to physical treatment, only finds unnecessary burden at his mental health. Whether it’s associated with financial aspect or connected after a while or facilities. While he relates to mental health treatment, only finds undesirable undesirable results of medicine at his body. Each time he relates to treatment, his social wellbeing could possibly get affected.

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One question I requested from myself, the easiest method to deliver better health for that communities. Which system of medicine (Allopath or Ayurved or any other complementary medicine systems) we’re next does not matter. First concern is proper delivery of health for that patients.

How’s this possible? When will an individual get physical, mental and social wellness concurrently?

Manufacturing of recent molecules and new drugs only will improve condition of patients and could not provide complete health.

We must consider delivery of health not medicine. Delivering medicines and devices isn’t of guarantee of proper health.

Might be no-you can accept me. Anybody can condemn my ideas.

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